Conn conquers Mars. Can she save her own world?


Conn Garrow, the Girl on the Moon, returns in a new adventure with more advanced tech, more dangerous aliens, and higher stakes than she’s ever faced. An adventure with narrow escapes, impossible rescues, harrowing spacewalks and splashdowns, multimillion dollar deals, marooned astronauts, and even some fistfighting. Girl on Mars is the sequel to Girl on the Moon, which Amazon reviewers called a realistic, intelligent barn-burner and a thoroughly enjoyable, imaginative, wild-ride of a story….

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Conn conquers Mars. Can she save her own world?


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  • Get both Girl books for $3.98 this week November 20, 2017
    Get Girl on the Moon and Girl on Mars as a bundle from the Kindle Store for $3.98 this week only! Click here. Special bundle price in effect November 19 through 26, 2017.
  • Today Only, Girl on Mars is 99 Cents November 14, 2017
    Today (November 14) is the forty-sixth anniversary of Mariner 9 achieving orbit around Mars, the first time a human-made object orbited another planet. Though a worldwide dust storm obscured the planet for a month, the probe eventually took 7,329 pictures and imaged over eighty percent of the surface. More than sixty-seven years later, an expedition […]
  • Citizens of Asgardia, Unite November 13, 2017
    Some of my readers might consider this a better deal than they’re getting down here lately. Last year, Russian scientist Igor Ashurbeyli announced the formation of Asgardia — a new virtual nation that will ultimately exist entirely in space. Since its debut, Asgardia has attracted over 300,000 registrants, created a constitution and, as of this […]
  • Rockets are Not Like Aircraft Carriers November 7, 2017
    The executive secretary of the National Space Council, Scott Pace, has some interesting, even troubling, ideas about who owns commercial space vehicles. “Heavy-lift rockets are strategic national assets, like aircraft carriers,” Pace said. “There are some people who have talked about buying heavy-lift as a service as opposed to owning and operating, in which case […]